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Insurance sales

We make insurance distribution digital. With Insurely, any digital platform can sell relevant insurance products to relevant target audiences as a supplement to their core offering.

Our solutions cover all your needs.

Easy to use

Insurely provides a ready-to-implement checkout module for insurance that can be used either as a full insurance distribution service, including license and IDD compliance, or as an insurance distribution enabler.

Large insurance variety

We partner up with well-known giants as well as new digital insurance players and offer you easy distribution of their insurance, both with their brand and white-labeled.

Less administration

We take full responsibility for the insurance distribution and IDD compliance as well as take care of the back-office and integration towards the insurance companies.

After purchase experience

We send back information so your customers can see their insurance directly after purchase. So you can create a seamless customer experience.

Easy to get started

Our checkout is integrated with only a few lines of code. We handle everything both on the backend and frontend side. It’s a checkout with smooth UX that can be customized for your brand.

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Whether you’re an insurance company, a large bank or small personal finance company looking to improve or add an insurance offering then we have the technology you are looking for.