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Insurance aggregation

Improve your digital customer experience and offering with our insurance data aggregation API.

One API. Three solutions.

Sales optimization

  • More conversions. By letting customers compare their current insurance to new offerings
  • Reduced churn. Through pre-population of data for typical churn points and smoother customer experience.

Insurance wallet

  • Improved customer experience. By offering customers to collect all their insurance policies in one place, a 360 view
  • New upsell opportunities. Perfect foundation for up-sell or cross-sell and more targeted communication thanks to detailed customer insights.

Insurance insights

  • Increased offline sales. Through our in- and outbound sales solution, where both customers and sales staff can obtain insurance information in real time, resulting in improved advisory capability
  • Improved advice. A two-part web based system, allowing sales staff to see their current insurance coverage and compare it to new offerings.

Easy to get started

Our data aggregation product makes it possible to collect end users’ insurance data through our API. Data can be aggregated via direct integration to our API or by using our data aggregation module for faster development.

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